Saturday, July 23, 2011

BCF 2011 again, updated

You can't see the rehearsal hall/hockey rinks from the dorm so I took this from where the track begins. This is why my legs are in good shape. Going to meals breaks up the walk which goes a roundabout way.

This is the view from the front of the rinks across toward the dorms. The dorm is the leftmost white line, I think.

A few altos.

Kathy FitzGibbon conducting.

Monroe Crossing.

Julian Wachner conducting.

Some of us who sang at the Norman Rockwell Museum used the time to number the measures in our Elijah scores rather than visit the fascinating exhibit on animation.

Would you believe it was 95 outside? We were sitting directly under the air conditioning. Brrr!

These creatures fledged one by one and gathered together on the walk behind DeWindt. Being dive bombed by the parents wasn't fun.

There may be more photos but, as I said, I'm having too much fun to think about the camera. By the way, I think these are embiggenable.

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