Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rutland, VT

Being within three hours rather than the 10 hours from home, I went to church at Trinity Episcopal in Rutland, VT. I'll admit that my primary purpose was not the eucharist. I could have had that in Sheffield, MA, a mere 10 minutes or so away. The priest at Trinity is a long time internet friend Caminante otherwise known as Lee Crawford. We had never met in person. The people were very friendly, many offering their name and a handshake. (They are well trained.) The liturgy was done well tho they have no sanctus bell. They even have a summer choir. Lee is a soprano and sings with them. She has a clear voice and is easy to hear and understand. It is always more interesting when the readings happen to contain a message for a current situation as was the case today. I didn't know how appropriate till after. Godde has a great sense of timing.

This sign is in their parish hall. Hmmm.

Unfortunately this is blurry but there it is anyhow.

After church it was cat tour time. There are four. This is my favorite Miss Funky Paws. Lee has other names for them all.

Some people believe that internet relationships are superficial, not "real" somehow. Perhaps with some they are. I'm blessed to be part of several tribes who know and care for each other and sometimes meet in person. Once companies destroyed families and churches by moving employees around indiscriminately,  they forced us to create temporary friendships that served our needs at the moment - before the next move. The internet has allowed people with histories to reconnect and new friends to keep in touch in ways that transcend time and location. Now, if Michelle and I can find a few minutes to get together this week and Fran and I can connect on my way home...


lindy said...

It's true. Since I've been in moving mode for the last couple of years I find it's my internet friends who have been constant, not the so-called "real" ones. Don't get me wrong, I have been delighted to reconnect with old friends since I've been here in Texas, but they haven't been the ones who've been with me on a daily basis for the last two years. It's been you guys.

Nice kitty shots.



Fran said...

Hey I've been there! So glad that you got to go meet Lee and the kitties, something I have done twice and hope to do again!

On this same day I had a meet up with my RC blogging friend, Paul, whom I had met before and Dan Sloan came along too. I know that you have met Paul too Shel.

And as for Lindy, with love to all my meetupians, best blogger meet up ever, my beautiful Lindy.

Kirkepiscatoid said...

Wonderful meetups this weekend! Fran's and yours! So happy for you and Lee to finally meet...and some day, it will be you and me meeting!

(word verification: "Matine" early in the morning; some variation of Matins, perhaps????)

motheramelia said...

Nice photos and how nice that you were able to go to Rutland. Sometime you should make time to come over to the coast. No cats, but Izzie likes company.

sharecropper said...

Great photos. And, my internet friends are the ones who are always "here" for me. BTW, we'll be overnighting somewhere in PA twice in September. I'll let you know the dates, and maybe we can get together.

whiteycat said...

Shel, glad that you had a chance to meet up with Lee and the Fab Four Felines! Aren't they great? I met them all last fall.