Monday, August 22, 2011

New catbox

I put together a new catbox. It isn't exactly what I want or need and it is too "tall" to be warm but it will work with a few modifications. If you look at the post below you will see what a mess the raccoons have made of the traditional cardboard boxes. The cats are pretty destructive too because they like to climb up on top. It usually takes four replacements per year. I need to get a short 2 X 4 to straighten this up as the top extends beyond the sides. The current board is too thick. Eventually I will nail a ledge to the outer side to keep blankets in the box.

I was concerned that the right side was too small but the largest cat Little One is in there and was curled up within earlier. On the left is Tommie.

To allow the critters to sit on top, I plan to scrub this blue thingie and fasten it to the top then drape it underneath to create a smaller space within.

Poor Jellico. He peed on the thingie then spent many minutes trying in vain to cover his deposit. He is not the brightest of the clan. He worked at this for many minutes. I gave up watching so I don't know how long he tried. Hee.


forsythia said...

You'll never hear them say so, but you know your kitties appreciate all the fuss you make over them. I write to a former co-worker, a total curmudgeon, who now lives in Oregon. He's had two indoor cats for years, but now a newcomer has taken up residence on his porch and has been issued a box. With a heating pad! This just delights me. After sharing office space with a person for years and years, you think you know them . . .

PseudoPiskie said...

Even curmudgeons have soft spots. Sometimes it is hard to find them tho kitties and puppies can usually do it quickly.