Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday cat blogging on Saturday

After breakfast, Tim and LittleOne settled in for a nap around 9 am.

LittleOne wandered away but Tim stayed. This was around 1 pm.

Tim moved downstairs after eating a bit. This was around 4 pm.

At 5:30 pm Tim is still curled up and sleeping

Then PuddyTat appeared to wake her up.

PT invaded the kitchen for a scritch. I reached out to Tim but she moved away then PT took over her space. I gave them some treats.

Finally PT wandered off and Tim went back to sleep. No wonder she is so fat.


susan s. said...

Tim is a smart cat! Who wants to be out in the rain? Even us humans stay in on days like this. Yes, it is raining in California, too!

whiteycat said...

Love those kitty photos!

Naomi Ann said...

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