Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Palm Sunday 2012 walk

The weather this Palm Sunday mirrored my mood so I thought some endorphins would help. I headed down the "tracks" toward the park.

I thought of Elizabeth Kaeton as I saw a flock of mergansers on the bay. You'll have to trust me. They are mergansers.

Fishermen down by the dam. Looking up the bay toward the house which would be on the right but isn't visible.

To the left of the previous photo looking toward the boat livery.

To the left of the previous photo. Looking across the dam.

From the bridge, looking down the "tracks" toward the elementary school.

The path up the hill to the dam road.

From the bridge, looking up the "tracks" toward home.

The path to the road from the "Tracks".

Headed home and looking back at the bridge. This didn't exist when I moved here in 1968. The road across the dam ended at the top of the hill just east of the dam. You could drive in from the east but you couldn't get across the tracks.

The view after I turned around toward home. It's a great place to walk. There is a slight grade which used to slow the trains almost to a crawl. Occasionally one would come to a halt. I would get to meet the crew when they came to use the phone. They always honked when they went by during the day. The trains stopped running years ago. For many months after they stopped, I still woke up around 4:30 am wondering where the train was.

Two fishing boats. The larger one was trolling and dragging what looked like rubber duckies from where I was.

One of the beavers. I like to walk in the evening because there is a good chance of spotting them. I posted a photo of the lodge awhile back.

On a grey day, 50°, a small apple tree in bloom certainly improves the scenery. No dogwood in this neighborhood yet.

The mile and a half or so walk did stir up the endorphins and I felt better.

Blessings to all this Holy Week as emotions tend to be jerked about. 

PS the photos are embiggenable.

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forsythia said...

Go glad it's an apple tree in your photo and not a Bradford pear.