Sunday, October 23, 2016

Clinton/Kaine Rally, Pittsburgh, PA, Saturday 22 October 2016

This rally was quite different from the Trump rally in Erie. The venue was much smaller so the crowd was crowded and the auditorium was opened for the overflow. Around 3000 apparently. My friend Peg with her guide dog Reggie got us around the line and into a seated area. Yea.


I liked the Planned Parenthood posters. 

Arkansas Travelers

I don't know who the ladies in front of us were but they got lots of attention from others including selfies with them.

She sang the National Anthem a cappella and did an excellent job of it

I don't remember if they said she was the head of Pittsburgh or Allegheny County Dem Party.

Signers alternated.

I voted for this guy.

Pittsburgh's mayor

No clue who he is.

The 96 year old next to us. He stood and watched Clinton for a little while. His daughter was friendly.

There were quite a few youngsters.

Love her shirt.

And her leggings.

With the Rooneys. Couldn't get a decent photo.


Lots of Secret Service whose facial expressions never changed.

Proving I was there.

Taking photos around this fellow while trying to avoid an extremely bright spotlight was a challenge. Many of the photos look washed out thanks to the extremely brightly lit auditorium.

Reggie didn't care. He was mostly well-behaved.

I was one person too far to get to shake hands with her. She walked along in front of us listening to what people had to say. Note the Secret Service guy with the never changing expression.