Monday, December 19, 2016

Tim visits her old abode on a cold December day

Today Tim decided to go out into the 24°F cold icy reality she used to have to endure.  She looked for the open garage door that she and her "friends" used to get shelter. She looked a little confused when she found it closed. I donned my boots, opened the people door for her and turned the lights on. 

She carefully explored everywhere. The kayak belongs to a neighbor. When Tim lived in the barn this was a large open space. In cold weather there would be boxes with blankets, heated water, a tent to keep the heat in and a heater if it was bitterly cold. The cats were fed twice a day.

I was surprised she went everywhere carefully checking with eyes and nose.

She was able to do a little climbing which was also unusual. She has been willing to eat food with Cosequin in it. Her arthritis seems to be lessening a bit as a result.

After sniffing all the blankets and foam Tim checked out the box.

She seemed to be saying, "This is how it used to be."

She started to leave then got distracted by something she smelled.

Finally she just sat and looked at me for a bit.

She looked around and told me something important then lay down as if she planned to stay. I turned the lights out and left the door open. Eventually she returned to the house and retreated to her cave in the bedroom where she stayed all afternoon.

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forsythia said...

It made me happy to see Tim explore her old haunt. It's as if she had a question and needed an answer. They are so much like us. I'm also glad she came back to the house. And old lady with arthritis needs her comforts.