Friday, January 6, 2017

Life without Facebook

Somebody apparently told Facebook that I'm not the person who has been posting as me. I was told I had to send a photo id with my name and birthdate to Facebook. They received it and said they would check into it then let me know their decision. 

How frustrating!!!!!

I can't report on the Infinity.
I can't post a Tim photo.
I can't boast about helping a friend buy a backup device and a new printer then installing those plus the new modem.
I feel lost and alone.

And I need Facebook when I travel.

Meanwhile this is what I see on Google Chrome whenever a photo of Trump appears. LOL.


forsythia said...

This is ridiculous. I hope it gets straightened out soon.

kirinjessie said...

I'm so glad I checked here! I was worried that you had disappeared from Facebook, and wanted to see how you and Tim are. I hope Facebook will correct their error promptly!

love to both of you