Saturday, December 13, 2008

A cold morning huddle

It is quite cold at 16 and both cats don't fit on the smaller heating pad so they improvise.

Yes, I know the kitchen window is dirty. It is impossible to reach it on the outside without dismantling the cathouse. Get used to it. It will get worse.

Tommie leaped off the roof this morning to chase Jellico. They met face to face in the middle of the driveway and yelled at each other. I actually heard a raspy sound from Jellico. Normally his voice is more of a hiss. Jellico stood up on his hind feet to make himself larger but he is all hair and Tom is one huge boy. Jellico gave up and retreated. I wish I could have retrieved the camera in time to catch the encounter.

Eventually they settled into their usual watchful positions.

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StLouisJohn said...

Ok...confession time here...

I must admit, that I found your putting such effort and care into a clowder of feral cats to be ...uh...sorta different.

That was, until I adopted Ben -- or he adopted me. My first cat in my 44 years of life. And as I'm sure you've seen, I've fallen in love with the guy!

Surfing the net for information and such, you run across so many stories where our 4 legged friends are neglected, lost in the shuffle, fallen through the cracks, what have you. It breaks the heart. It's one thing when you read these stories as an outsider...another when you have one sitting on the desk watching you type, or curled up asleep in a warm spot. It gets really personal then.

So now, I look forward to reading about and seeing PuttyTat, Tim, Jellico, Tom, and Dude. (Did I miss anyone?) And I laud you for this ministry to God's furry, loveable creations. Good on yah, lady! Keep doing what you are doing! It's a very special love between human and animal.