Monday, December 8, 2008

Update to the post below on my cats

When I raised the garage door last night I saw Jellico retreat from the barn's cathouse via the cat flap. Apparently he and Tommie can coexist somewhat amicably when neither food nor wimmin are nearby.

I put the heater on in the cats' portion of the barn last night. It doesn't do much but it might help a little. I usually don't do that unless the outside temperature falls below 15. Last night was 16. Warmer tonight and the next few days so I'll turn it off today.

The only way to know my cats are feral is to see them when someone else is around. Which nobody will. Even the neighbor who feeds them when I'm gone.

PS Thanks to MP for featuring my lovely Christmas tree on OCICBW! It is actually a very precious item to me as it was given to me by a friend I love who was very concerned because I never decorate for Christmas. Why should I? Nobody sees the inside or the outside of my house with the exception of a couple of close friends and the neighbors who walk by in the summer.


Being Peace said...

Ever get a phrase stuck in your head and it just won't go away? I have no idea where Jellico goes. This is my current earworm. I say it, sing it, chant it, pray it. For some unknown reason it is a soothing mantra.

Cany said...

I have a wonderful suggestion for you in lieu of a barn heater, and that is a heat board.

They are heavy duty plastic, have metal over the cords, come in many sizes and my cats LOVE them. They provide enough direct heat to the cat that they do not need linen of any kind. You CAN fashion a house above them if the material is VERY hard plastic (e.g. the top of a plastic dog house), and set the thermostat a little lower. This allows for more than one (perfect for ferals or barn cats), and the small ones use about 40W. I don't use the fleece covers or any linen, personally.

Much more efficient, much more direct effect, and I suspect, MUCH cheaper to use:).

Here is a sample of one:

Cany said...

Meant to mention... be SURE whatever you get, should you so chose, that the model is FOR outdoor use.

PseudoPiskie said...

Great idea, Cany. I haven't seen those. For now, the oil heater will have to do thanks to finances or lack thereof.

Cany said...

I understand, believe me, I understand:)

I am raising money to buy the little animal oxygen masks for our three fire departments... going to take a while. I am doing recycling drives to pay for them.

They lose a lot of animals because the human masks won't fit on them... and they could otherwise save them with them.

Believe me, I totally understand the fund thing:)