Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Prayers, please (extended)

FranIAm's sister-in-law "has shown evidence of malignant cervical cells. Due to her age, weight and other health conditions her doctor is recommending her to a special surgeon for a hysterectomy. She is very frightened. O is not a woman of particular faith, actually has been quite scarred by it. That said she is wanting to pray and be prayed for. It is in the nature of my husband's family to expect the worst in all things and then actually manipulate things unconsciously to bring the worst forth and "be done with it." Please pray for her health but also for her hope and faith, which is what she really needs."

FranIAm also requests that we please support Chris and hold her in prayer. Chris is often taking care of everyone else, friends seek prayers to take care of her!

Cecelia is coming out as a partnered lesbian to her church today and tomorrow. She is in an organization which apparently hasn't understood the Gospel message yet. Please pray for Cecelia and for her church.

Jane wrote: "Deenie will die soon. She knows it. She is also living well. I worried during most of this year that I would not see her alive again, but the academic year is over, I am going to visit my parents in Boston in a couple of weeks, and I will have time to go to and visit. With her strength and Godde's grace, I will be able to see her and spend some time with her.

Dear Prayer Posse, please pray that Deenie will live well in the coming weeks, that she will have good care and be comfortable, and that she will continue in her tenacity and clarity. Hospice workers say that people often die the way they have lived, and Deenie has always been a woman of spirit and strength. May she continue with courage and peace as long as she remains in this life."

One of our blog friends, Bonnie, has asked that we add her husband, Edward to our prayers of the people. Bonnie reports that Edward has been in ICU for a week and that he is in need of a miracle.

There are many others who need our prayers including Roseann and Paul and all the others on my long prayer list. Where healing is possible, may there be healing. Where endurance is needed, may there be endurance. Where peace is possible, may there be peace. Please, Godde, be with our friends and all who you.


Cany said...

She needs to get a second opinion and RIGHT NOW.

This med procedure is one of the most common that don't need to be done.

It was suggested, 25 years ago, I do the same. As you can see, I am still here... I took an alternative course (still surgical, but not this particular course).

Cany said...

BTW.. I had stage 3+ cervical cancer. Lots of "bad" cells.

forsythia said...

Prayers for all.

Joan said...

Prayers ascending.

sharecropper said...


Paul said...

Prayers for all, and thank you for posting these.