Monday, July 20, 2009

And on GC 2009

Obviously - see week's postings below - I was not able to follow every nuance of General Convention. Nevertheless, as does everyone else, I have a few barely supported opinions garnered from what I did have time to read.

I am greatly disappointed in our bishop Sean Rowe who voted against inclusion of all the baptized in all the orders of TEC. I find clericalism disgusting and very unChristlike so I was really irritated to read the following which admittedly contains the opinion of the writer:

Then a bit of a blockbuster, Bishop Sean Rowe of Northwestern Pennsylvania, (the youngest bishop in the House) supported by Bishop Kirk Smith of Arizona want the resolution discharged (killed.) Rowe says legislation doesn't work. What he offers sure plays to me as a sweeping attack on the House of Deputies authority. Smith says the bishops should do a pastoral letter. (Maybe it is just the fact that I am helping hte House of Deputies with media, but this seems disrespectful of the Deputies.... Another attempt to disenfranchise them for the governance of their church.) Most of the debate seems to be going against it.

The Bishop of Hawaii, Fitzpatrick, speaks in favor of discharge, as does Doyle of Texas.

it is very hard for me to see this as anything other than an attempt to assert the authority of the bishops and the bishops only on this matter.

Rowe asks for a roll call on the discharge vote. This feels like an effort to run out the clock. What possible reason can there be for getting this vote on the record. It is of no lasting significance.

Halfway through, the move to discharge is losing 42-19. The vote isn't over, but 55 no votes are already in, so I'd say the move to discharge fails. Final now 42-94-1, the motion fails

You can read the entire live blogging article at The Lead. +Gene also mentioned his action tho not by name.

Fortunately, those who try to live by the Gospel and love Godde and others unconditionally and leave judgment to Godde prevailed. I pray for the people who seem to worship Jesus but refuse to do as he taught. That is a divide which may never be crossed except by the individuals who eventually get it. May there be many more of them/us soon.

The concept that sexuality can cause schism among Christ's people is amazing. The Anglican Communion has been no real communion for quite awhile - ever since the first bishop decided the others present were not worthy of his sharing the eucharist. As if it were his invitation to issue. I'd like to say a pox on the men who are so pure and holy and knowledgeable about Godde that they can't stoop to Jesus's level and share his meal with someone. But I'd rather pray they grow in the knowledge and love of Godde. Tempting however...

I seriously doubt that many butts in the pews care much about sexuality until the clergy stir them up. I'm not too fond of clergy sometimes, in case you never noticed. In general the people are ok but they get corrupted by the collar?

The budget seems to reflect a bunker mentality. That never works. A budget needs vision. Most people will not pour money into a sinking ship. TEC is not sinking. There is now a clear way ahead. TEC is for all people. Period. No more hatred or exclusion. What a gift! What a vision! Why not aim for it? If you aim for the floor, you may shoot yourself in the foot. Is that what TEC expects?

There were some wonderful affirmations coming from GC. There were some wonderful programs that will go unfunded and unimplemented. Sad. I think there should be a limit to the number of terms a deputy can serve. Say 3 - one to learn the ropes, one to work and one to help pass on to the next generation. Perhaps every diocese should be required to include one person - lay or clergy - under the age of 30? Tradition has rarely served the church well and tradition is embedded in long term service in any field.

Well, I may have other thoughts but that's it for now. I rejoice that TEC voted for inclusion and the recognition that the church must serve the community or die especially where the laws permit marriage between two people who love each other and seek to commit their lives to each other. The rest of it and our bishop, well, I'll share the eucharist with anyone. It is not my place to choose.


forsythia said...

Nor mine. Thanks for posting this.

Caminante said...

Those bishops who have never been to General Convention qua deputy have no sense of how the animal works and come up with episcopal solutions to things. It is rather disappointing that such a young/new bishop would be so dismissive of the legislative process. The Bishop of Texas is equally dismissive. Dunno if he ever had been a deputy.

OT: I am rebuilding blogs on my new computer (can't transfer preferences because my main computer is too old). Do you have clumber's address so I can get onto his blog which now is closed? Thanks. You can send his info to me via email.