Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Earworm inspires question

One of the lyrics we sang last week was:
Oh, Lord of Lords, how majestic is your name o'er all the earth. Oh, Lord, we praise your name. We magnify your name. Prince of Peace, Mighty God, how majestic is your name, oh Lord! King of kings and Lord of Lords for ever and ever Hallelujah. And he shall reign for ever and ever. Oh, Lord, our God!
Over and over and over and over for 5 minutes. Needless to say it has become a persistent earworm.

I'm not a fan of "praise" music. I wonder why we should praise Jesus at all. Or even Godde for that matter. They are who or what they are and seem to not need reinforcement. Thanks, yes, but adulation of the names?

My opinion of the Bible is that it is a go and do manual for living successfully in community. Should we be standing around getting carried away by pounding rhythms and redundant melodies or should we be out taking care of others?

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Anonymous said...

And just what's so wrong with a LITTLE (just not too much !) ostinato or mantra or whatever ? It just shouldn't be overdone. And surely it's not THE BIG GUY (to use the now familiar patriarchal anthropomorphism) who needs our praise but that we need to remain mindful of our position in the relationship.