Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday morning at BCF

Dawn and time to pack the car and get on the road.
The concert was inspiring.

A regret expressed last year was that we meet people we learn to love yet may never see again. I had that problem last year and was surprised, pleasantly, in Montreal. In Sheffield I met some people with whom I have sung but had never conversed and would like to continue the conversations. Yea. Many "new" and "old" friends will also attend the 4th week in 2010. I'm already excited about next year.

So now it is back to reality. I came home to a trashed shed. The raccoons figured out how to open the door. Fortunately I was almost out of birdseed so they didn't get much reward for overturning the three garbage cans. I didn't appreciate the destroyed floor lamp or the general mess they left. I'll do more damage assessment tomorrow. The doors are tied together now.

All five cats greeted me. That was nice.

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