Sunday, July 12, 2009

In the Berkshires in SW Massachusetts

Yes, another BCF week. The conductor is Philip Brunelle. You can read more here.

Pleasant drive today. Lots of traffic but no problems. Stopped in the Schenectady area for a short visit with Westminster Choir College classmate Lynn who provided a late lunch. She is a champion quilter. Her quilts are fascinating. It was good to catch up. Unfortunately I didn't get to meet her daughter who was napping or her husband who was at work. Someday...

There are a couple of people here who were in Montreal. Several who were in Vancouver. One gal I met here then at Westminster then here then Vancouver now here again. Some friends I haven't seen for several years. The chorus is very small - 128 or so I think they said. Back to the old days. The private room was a surprise. Lots of space to fill with stuff. LOL. Forgot the foam pad so will have to make a trip to Kmart tomorrow. Meanwhile have the blanket I brought between the plastic mattress and me.

A little frustrated because I can't access Facebook or IM for some reason. FB was ok when I arrived. Weird. I can send email from my windstream account and that is an improvement.

Am about to fall asleep. Up at 4:30 which is when I'm sometimes just falling asleep lately.

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