Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday at BCF

We have now been thru most of the first half of the program. The remaining three will be done in sectionals tomorrow. The spirituals are all very different. Makes it fun. Then we start with the second half - Dear Mrs. Parks - which will be more than an hour long unless there are cuts. I didn't listen to it last night. Apparently it scared some folks but they didn't quit.

Today I visited the Berkshire Botanical Garden. The wet weather seems to have caused some problems there. Lots of beetle damage. Perhaps retarded some growth. There is a walk of daylilies some of which I wish I could have borrowed.

The Capitol Steps are in residence up the road in Lenox. Some of us are planning to go Friday night. Tickets are pretty expensive but nothing like Cirque du Soleil. Apparently I'm one of the few who can drive at night. I think they should buy my ticket. LOL.

Still dealing with plastic mattress but may just leave it the way it is. Since I have a private room, there is an extra blanket so I don't need the one I brought on top.

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