Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday at BCF

There was a nasty thunderstorm tonight which killed the lights above the choir in the shed. Exciting. That and a bit disorganization made the evening rehearsal with soloists a bit frazzling and frazzled. The mezzo soloist is awesome. The soprano and bass are longtime BCF soloists. They are great too but the mezzo sang black - if you will permit me to use that word. It was inspiring.

At this point I would be worried about the confidence of the chorus. There are some really nasty entrances. But I think it will all come together with the orchestra - unlike more classical works.

The mosquitoes are ruling the shed however. I inhaled, coughed up and swallowed one tonight. Not fun. I must have a dozen itchy places and they won't stop itching for a week or more. Ugh.

Otherwise it was a quiet day. The gals going to see the Capitol Steps tomorrow found another driver so I decided to skip the rather steep expense and watch the orchestra rehearsal instead.

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