Monday, September 7, 2009


This has been a dry year here. Watching the weathermap has been a source of frustration. The rain goes around us. North of us. South of us. East of us. The rain peters out before coming in from the west. For those on holiday this is good news. For those of us with wells, not so good news. My well is not happy as we have been close to drought conditions for many years. We were worse off a couple of years ago but will slide back there if we don't get rain this fall.

This is the pond between my property and the "tracks". There is little water in it. The logs and branches in the foreground should be in water rather than on dry grassy ground. The pond fills from the farm and other land above us. We are at the bottom of a long hill that runs parallel to the lake.
The lake is actually a little higher than usual. The old cement dock is normally almost completely out of the water in September. Part of the top is still submerged. The lake level reveals the large amount of rain that has fallen to the north of us - often as close as 5 miles.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to send you some rain ... that's all there is here. Except for last week, it has been one deluge after another.