Sunday, September 6, 2009

Letter to Obama

Dear President Obama,

We elected you to make changes in health care in the US.

It is time to take advantage of the Democrats’ control of Congress and make real changes, not just superficial window dressing that satisfies only those who may see decreased income with a better bill.

We really need a single payer health care system but that is probably impossible. The next best option is serious competition for the current insurance/pharma monopoly via a public option. We need coverage for everyone. We need coverage for preexisting conditions. We need relief from catastrophic illness expense. We need coverage for prevention. We need the prices other countries pay for US medications.

Please just do it. Give us a bill we can recognize as real reform. Challenge the naysayers to ask their constituents if they want health care reform or what they are used to. The Republicans will never compromise. Please don’t back down and yield to the noise. You can’t possibly succeed if you don’t try.

Thank you for doing what you promised.


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