Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Breaking news

Dude seems to think Little One is a female in heat and Little One doesn't seem to resist. Hmm. Wonder what it is on the rear of Little One that convinced the vet and me she was a he. I thought her head was awfully small for a male. Oh well, wonder if I can catch her for an abortion... Or anyone want a darling little kitten?


whiteycat said...

Oh, goodness! If you catch her early enough she can be spayed. Otherwise, you're a Granny-cat.

susan s. said...

Perhaps you can get the Dude neutered! It would solve a lot of problems. And get Little One spayed quickly!

motheramelia said...

I found your blog. Love all the pictures of the cats. Poor Little One, she shouldn't be a mommie so soon.