Sunday, January 17, 2010

Friday cat blogging on Sunday

This was not a sight I wanted to see this morning. I worry when night critters are out during daylight. It wasn't as light as the photo however. I don't know if it was the same possum that was in the garage last night. Seemed smaller. I watched that it didn't enter the garage. It went over to the neighbors.
I don't want to have to close the garage at night and am thinking that Tim may have to come to the cathouse to eat. I don't need critters in the garage. I don't mind the possums but I REALLY mind the raccoons, none of which I've seen so far. They do too much damage. I may remove all the food that Tim doesn't eat before I go to bed. If she gets hungry during the night she can come to the cathouse.

Now that Little One has sought Dude's company, he has made it possible to give him medicine for his eye again. This is how I do it. The box Dudie is in had a thin blanket so I put a nice thick towel in it for him. Little One still would prefer to snuggle with Dude but is not welcome. Dude just moves.
Meanwhile yesterday Tim ventured out of the garage for awhile and investigated everything. She jumped up to the cathouse roof for the first time in probably a month or so. Here she is asking for a scritch. I think she is lonely since Tommie has gone elsewhere and Little One has joined Dude. PuddyTat is still staying in her box so far.
Tim decided to try my bedroom windowsill for awhile. I should put the screen up so she has a little more room. Before the siding my windowsills were wide and frequent perches for the cats.
The white thing is my remote thermometer. It quit working last week which required an internet search to get going again. I rely on it to decide whether to give the cats heat. The little one visible in the first photo is neither accurate nor easy to read from the house.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I believe you that raccoons are more damaging, but I think possums are some of the ugliest creatures on God's earth.

PseudoPiskie said...

They are mean too. And they stink. And they are fugly. Poor things. Evolution hasn't helped them in the beauty department at all. Really nasty looking teeth. But the wee ones are kinda cute.

StLouisJohn said...

Hey, I'm a tree-hugging fur-lovin' guy 'n all that...but possums are downright fugly.

BooCat said...

Fugly, maybe but on the other hand, if a small possum makes it through the cat door and gets to the cat dish, it does not make a mess--it simply eats. A raccoon, however, trashes the whole thing. I'm not sure how much it actually eats. Most of the food seems to be flung about the kitchen floor.