Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday cat blogging

Photos collected during the week.

Little One is lying under the big bird feeder hoping for a protein supplement. As far as I know she was unsuccessful.
Tim is now coming to the cathouse to eat on PuddyTat's level. I'm happy about that as I'd like to remove the food from the garage. I don't mind the possum but I definitely don't want the coons.
Tim checks out the night action under one of the feeders from my bedroom windowsill.
Jellico finally reappeared this week.


susan s. said...

Well, I know that Jellico has long hair, but he sure looks like one fat cat!!

Thanks for the pictures.

whiteycat said...

Jellico is really "bulked up" for winter.

Keep taking good care of those felines. You are their angel!