Monday, December 6, 2010


I watched the Prop 8 hearing today. The lawyer for Prop 8 had nothing to say basically. As with the original trial, I could see no legitimate defense of their position.

The National Organization for Marriage (not really) condemned one of the judges today. His wife is the executive director of the ACLU in California therefore he can't be impartial. In other words, he may be able to weigh the evidence and come to an intelligent conclusion that may disagree with the unChristian hatred NOM espouses therefore he needs to recuse himself.

Yesterday I read an article about Gene Robinson planning to remain on the public stage after retiring. The comments are revealing. People who have never met Gene or heard him speak simply hate him for no reason.

People who are anti-homosexual/lgbt/"queer"/etc. have little or no idea what they are talking about and have little if any interest in learning more about the subject. They may say they have many "friends" who are lgbt but they don't approve of their "lifestyle" so are they really "friends"? They say they love their lgbt neighbors but they believe lgbt's choose to love people of the same sex and can choose to fall in love with people of the opposite sex. They deny same sex families the stability of legal marriage even tho they preach that marriage is of the ultimate importance. They say their Bible condemns same sex love while ignoring Jesus's teaching that we should love all. Oh, yes, "loving" means trying to get lgbts to change their Godde-given nature.

I'm sorry but I don't accept any of it. Regardless of the intended message, the antis hate/fear homosexuals and others with "nonstandard" sexual attraction. There is no legitimate defense of homophobia and homohatred. It is based on ignorance and fear primarily promoted by pseudoChristian religionists.

So they know an lgbt person whose behavior is destructive. Are there no straights with destructive behavior? So there is a gay man who spends too much time in bars perhaps picking up one night stands. No straight man ever does that - let alone a married one? So some same sex couples split after a period of time together. Ever hear of divorce? Children fare best in families with two parents. So why do straights divorce so often leaving kids with a single mother who can barely support them let alone parent "perfectly"? Shouldn't everyone support same sex marriage to provide children with a stable household? How would the marriage of a same sex couple ruin someone else's straight marriage anyhow? A straight who doesn't fully support the rights of lgbts yet claims to not be prejudiced is lying. It is that simple. I'm tired of it.

PS: I love Ted Olson! David Boies is a little too stiff for my taste but Ted seems so honest, so real.


motheramelia said...

The only defense they seem to have is "my bible says it's a sin." That is not the bible I read, however.

PseudoPiskie said...

If they are reading the "Conservative Bible" they can use it to justify everything but what Jesus taught. But they aren't concerned with that. He doesn't support their prejudices.