Sunday, December 5, 2010

Three's a crowd

Left to right: LittleOne, Dude and PuddyTat. Dudie displaced PT overnight. This morning he got hungry at the wrong time and PT retook her box. So Dude just moved in with LittleOne who was not pleased. When I got home from church I put a heating pad in a box on the 2nd shelf and PuddyTat took it over. It should actually be warmer than these boxes because it only has one opening. But she can't see me from below. The only thing I don't like about having Dude on the roof is his unwillingness to leave and inclination to pee everywhere. We went thru that last year. Ugh. If he starts to do that again, I'll physically remove him when he is on the roof. He is the only cat I can sometimes pick up.

For now, Dude and LO are in the upper boxes and PT is below. Tim is in her foam in the canoe. Tommie is in his blanket burrow in the barn. Somebody - Lady or Jellico - is in the new large box made in case Lady has kittens in the barn. Somebody else is in a blanket on the loveseat in the barn. I do not feed the cats in the barn but I do have a heated water dish there. And three litter boxes.

And we have maybe 6 inches of snow with lots more predicted. I've been plowed once tho I didn't need it yet. There is plenty of food for me, the felines and the feathered friends. I could get snowed in happily but probably won't.

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motheramelia said...

The cats are so fortunate to have a nice warm place. Poor Izzie had a terrible walk this morning. Her left front paw just doesn't like snow and there's less than an inch out there. Time to get out her mittens and have the usual struggle to get them on.