Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fall is fell

Summer is long gone. The boat that tours Conneaut Lake is all alone at the dock. She should be covered with snow tomorrow if the weatherpeople are correct. But one sunny day last week made a pretty photo.


sharecropper said...

Summer is so long gone here today - in Cleveland. We drove through all sorts of weather today - rain, snow, sleet, gorgeous sunshine, mixtures of all that...changing in just moments from one to another. I'll find out tomorrow after 3 pm how long I can expect to be here.

Cany said...

Our weather here in So. Cal. is the usual fall compliment of blankets on, blankets off. Hair braided and under hat, hair down.

It was winter about 2 months ago for a few days, then up in the 90s last week.

Go figure.

Beautiful pic, BTW.