Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday shuffle

1. El Condor Pasa - Zamfir
2. tórramat do nóebaengil - rajaton
3. Berlioz: Requiem, Quid sum miser - Norrington
4. Mendelssohn: Symphony 4 - London Symphony
5. Hummingbird - Seals and Croft
6. Lonely Teardrops - Jackie Wilson
7. Fire - Arthur Brown
8. My Girl - Temptations
9. Elgar: Owls - Finzi Singers
10. Spooky - Classics IV

I uploaded a bunch of Christmas music but I'm skipping it for now. I love El Condor Pasa but I think Zamfir's arrangement is sappy. It needs to be far more upbeat. The Berlioz Requiem is my favorite requiem because it is loud and has no real solos. Mendelssohn is a favorite of mine. He wrote lots of singable stuff. This would be one of my desert island pieces.


Anonymous said...

Fire Steppenwolf? THAT is heresy dear shel if you are talking about Fire by Jimi Hendrix! The chorus goes- let me stand next to your fire..let me stand next to your fire.
This is my ONE area of expertise. Jimi is one of my all time faves

PseudoPiskie said...

Not same song, Eak. Can't find it on YouTube. Either the title is wrong on the CD or the performer is wrong.