Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tim Hortons vs decaf?

We have a new Tim Hortons. I stopped to get a cup of coffee and check the place out at 3 pm. As this seems to be a "waiting" day for me, I waited 10 minutes for some to "wait" on me. I asked for a medium decaf. Guess what. They don't make decaf coffee after 11 am. I would have to wait for him to brew a fresh pot. I left.

Is it true that nobody drinks decaf coffee after 11 am? Or is this company weird? I don't drink anything with caffeine after 3 pm except on Tuesdays. And I never drink leaded coffee if I can avoid it.

I know. I'm weird. I won't be going to Tim Hortons again any time soon tho.


forsythia said...

No, you're not weird. "Time Hortons" is weird.

StLouisJohn said...

No DECAF after 11:00 a.m.?

Uh...gee...isn't that when a lot of people start cutting over to decaf so they can sleep that night?

Weird salesmanship if you ask me. Policies like that makes me think that Tim Hortons isn't going to be around long.


Kate Morningstar said...

Well, up here there's a Tim's every eight blocks or so, and they always have decaf. Sometimes they run out of something, but it never takes 10 minutes to brew a pot. That's ridiculous.