Saturday, December 6, 2008

Friday cat blogging a day later

Where the cats are when it is cold during the daytime.
Tom in his blanket in the barn.

I put a new pillowy thing in Dude's leanto but he would have nothing to do with it so I removed it eventually

PuddyTat spends most of her time on the heating pad now sheltered minimally by cardboard but

last night Tim abandoned her foam home and occupied the heating pad all night.

PuddyTat spent the night in the barn, probably huddled with Tommie on his blanket. Tim's little shelter must have collapsed. I'll fix it later so she can go back to her own lair in the canoe.

I have no idea where Jellico goes.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful kitty cats!

Jane R said...

Love the photos! And glad to find your blog again. I'm bookmarking it. Thanks for your comment at my place.

The word verification thingie says "gishnipt." Almost sounds like an edible cat treat.