Sunday, June 28, 2009

Evensong - updated Sun eve

Attended evensong at Christ Church Cathedral in Montreal this afternoon. All but one other person was from our group tho I couldn't see the people in the nave, if any. Church was HOT!!! For those who might be interested:

Prelude: Tierce en taille - de Grigny
Introit: O gladsome light - Bourgeois
P&R: Thomas Ebdon
Psalm: Cooper, Corfe
Hymn: 26 Te lucis, To Thee before the close of day
Mag & Nunc: Ridout
Anthem: Round me falls the night - Adam Drese
Hymn: 30 Ar Hyd Y Nos - God that madest earth and heaven
Postlude: P & F in a, BWV 543 - JSB

Sorry but I took no photos.

We have sung thru almost all Mendelssohn's Paulus (St. Paul) in 3 rehearsals. I still have some rough spots mainly due to the Deutsch. Julian Wachner has some second altos singing with the tenors now and then. Low Ds are fun. The president of Bach Choir of Pittsburgh knows the conductor and told me to say Hi for her.

Austria roommate Shelly finally got her suitcase this afternoon and is returning all my clothing. One of her friends bought a Mondsee shirt which is too small for her so Shelly gave it to me. It is too big for me but I don't care. Shelly is pretty meticulous. I'm not as you all know.

My roommate is from Singapore and is a pediatrician. She was at Vancouver with us last year and was surprised to see herself in my photos.

I'm sitting next to my favorite alto so all is well with me. So far.

Updated: Excitement! Shelly and I got VERY expensive tickets to Cirque du Soleil Thursday night. Can't wait. Neither of us has seen them live.

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you're in my thoughts and love. have fun.