Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday morning in Montreal

The penultimate day at BCF is always pretty busy, especially if there are plans for the evening. The day began with a choral rehearsal in Église St.-Jean-Baptiste which is a very large barn of a place. We were greeted with a huge poster outside like those advertising an exhibit at an art museum. Also saw an ad in the Metro. I doubt I will get around to posting photos maybe until I get home. It took some shuffling and last minute bleacher seats to get everyone organized but eventually I ended up where I wanted to be. The gal on my right ear is not easy to sing beside but I can deal. I'm glad I didn't have to sit next to one of the gals I sat with in Vancouver and the lady behind me ports slightly like she is used to country music. As long as I have my favorite alto on my left ear, I'm happy.

At lunchtime Shelly and I found a place called Wok and Roll and ate outside. Inexpensive, filling and good.

The afternoon brought the orchestra and soloists. The bass soloist had a bit of difficulty with the ending of one recit and the men were raggedy but otherwise it went pretty well. The conductor cut the organ from one movement and had some difficulty with the camera setup which was fixed at break. He is an organist so he knew what stops needed to be used. The orgel is a huge thing in the back gallery. I know nothing about it.

During the break two of the altos' bleacher seats collapsed because they weren't locked in place. We learned later that one woman was injured but we know nothing more. My vocal folds were so coated with mucus that I had no idea what was going to come out of my mouth. I need to work on that this afternoon so I can really sing tonight. Probably need to drink lots more water today. Which means lots more time for something else. grump.

The evening was spectacular. We rode the Metro then walked down to the river for Cirque du Soleis. That is a very interesting setup. A huge complicated tent structure that takes a week to set up. When it is removed, an usher told us they find tons of popcorn. LOL. The program was Ovo - about bugs. My favorite part was a slinky-like worm-like thing but the trampoline and wall were fascinating. I sat there with my mouth gaping like a little kid. It was fun. Bette and her mother were there so the four of us took a cab back.

Today we have dress rehearsal in the morning and the afternoon "free". Ha. The afternoon is for shoving everything back in the car except concert and travelling clothes, music, computer and the coffee pot and for going over those nasty bits of music plus, if possible, a nap. We are grateful for buses to take us to the church tonight. It is about a 20 minute walk.

After the concert a party at which we usually roast the conductor tho we did not do so in Vancouver. Wine and beer flow and there are usually lots of hugs and goodbyes till next year. In Austria the party prefaced a miserable next day for me. I'm praying that is not repeated and don't think it will but I'm wary. If it does, it could be the misery of parting again for an unknown period.

I haven't talked to anyone who is also going to Sheffield the first week tho I'll admit I haven't talked to as many people as usual this week, mostly because we don't eat together except a brief breakfast. I'm looking forward to the meals at Sheffield. They are a great time to meet ew people and reestablish old summer friendships. The meals in Austria were together but not here or in Vancouver. That to me is a disadvantage.

Don't know if I will blog later. Will try to do so when I get home tomorrow but don't hold your breath. I need to sleep sometime and haven't done much of that here.


forsythia said...

I've been reading about your trip.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

You sound like your days have been full.

I've always wanted to go to French Canada. Maybe someday.

Wish I could comment intelligently on the music, but I'm not very musical.