Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday in Montreal

Sometimes when we go back over stuff we did Saturday and yesterday it feels like I've never seen it before. Of course, when I've done something at BCF then go back to it years later I often wonder where my brain was the first time.

Our conductor Julian Wachner really is wonderful. He has all sorts of tricks to get problems cleared up. He reminds me of Brady Allred in some ways. I doubt I will ever sing Paulus again but I suspect I'll remember it if I do. And I'm learning How Lovely are the Messengers auf Deutsch.

We learned about next season. I signed up for one week in Sheffield conducted by Anton Armstrong. I've done the Poulenc Gloria. I've never done Rutter's Te Deum or Bizet's Te Deum. Haven't decided about Italy yet. I wish I had a specific person to go with and room with. If I decide against that I may go the first week to do Handel's Judas Maccabeus which I don't think I've ever sung. Our Austria conductor is doing that. The concert in Italy will be all a cappella including RVW's Mass in G. I would love to return to Montreal to work with Jane Glover but not to do Die Schöpfung (Creation). If anyone reading this is interested, email me and I'll send the rest of the schedule.

My roommate is happy. We finally have a phone, a working floor lamp and a working TV. I am going to regret the last. She watches stuff that will give me nightmares. Ugh.

Shelly and I planned to visit the Science Museum or whatever it is but we got started too late. We rode the Metro down to the waterfront and walked around a bit then came back. We found where Cirque du Soleil is. We will take the Metro down probably after rehearsal then find a cafe - there seem to be hundreds - until the performance at 8.

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