Sunday, November 15, 2009

RIP the Very Rev. James M. Jensen 1946 - 2009

From Kathy Jensen on Facebook:
My husband, the Very Rev. James M. Jensen, rector of Grace Church Utica, NY died unexpectedly late this afternoon. We were at an ordination and he had chest pains and we went to the hospital and he did not make it. His aorta ruptured and it was all over. Nothing more I can say now. We are in shock.

I stayed with the Jensen family on the way to Montreal in June. Prayers for the family and those of us who love them.

UPDATED: The funeral will be at 7 pm with visiting from 3 till 6 at Grace Church in Utica. I hope to go.

UPDATED FURTHER: The newspaper article is here.

Please, Godde, don't schedule Janis's father's funeral at the same time!


Fran said...

This is so heartbreaking.

lreynert said...

Father Jensen (Jim, to us) was our Interim Rector at Grace Church in Hinsdale, Illinois in 2001. We wanted to keep him at Grace, but God had other plans for him and his family. We are pleased to say that he and Kathy were also our good friends. Our love to Kathy and the family. We are so shocked and saddened. Our strength is in God and knowing that Kathy's faith could possibly only be surpassed by Jims - and that they will meet again in heaven, never to be separated again. With love, dear Kathy.
from Mark & Linda Reynertson