Saturday, November 21, 2009


The New York Times featured an article on the food bank service All Saints Episcopal Church in Chicago provides every Tuesday night. This is the last paragraph in the article:

Oh, the couple across the street just put the Abbott House on the block for $2.3 million. Buy it and the porch will provide a box seat view of our complex economy. And, if so inclined, consider walking into a place like All Saints and keeping fellow citizens from drowning.

Apparently someone read the article and thought it would be a good idea to actually try to drown them out of the neighborhood. They broke a stained glass window, fed a hose thru the window and flooded the nave. I seriously doubt that any of the Tuesday night people would have ever considered doing that.

It's hard to pray for the person who did this and be charitable.

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Paul said...

In the mid-90s someone fed a hose through a jalousie window and flooded our offices and chancel. My sincere sympathy for these folks.

As for the twit who included a paragraph that an editor should have removed as gratuitous....