Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday cat blogging on Monday

This morning I heard a horrible hacking noise when I fed the cats. Located the source on a pillow back in the corner on the bottom of the cathouse. It was Little One coughing and sneezing. His right eye was glued shut. I scrubbed the carrier in the bathtub and got an appointment with the vet. I told them I'd call if I couldn't catch him.

The gals took one look at the carrier and disappeared. They know what it is about. Fortunately Little One didn't catch on. He ran away for a bit but eventually came back and let me scritch then grab him. On the table he went nuts. I'm always amazed by what cats can do with their bodies. An assistant with a towel and I managed to control him. I got one little claw mark but no blood. He has an infected eye and upper respiratory trouble. He is too sick to risk anesthesia so castration will have to wait. They told me to try to catch the boys on Monday and Wednesday mornings then give them a call when I'm successful. They will work the boys in.

Meanwhile I have to try to get some powder into Little One twice a day. How to do that with him running around and eating with the other cats. Suddenly I remembered that I have another cathouse at the back of the garage. Perfect. I closed off the catdoors and put a litterbox in there. Washed the water dish, filled it and plugged it in. Rearranged the blanket Tim had been using and put a heating pad under it. Carried Little One in there, opened the carrier door, exited and quickly closed the big door behind me.

I've checked in on him three times. The first time he was up on the shelf - see the photo a couple of posts below. He launched himself and flew around the room finally ending up near the litter. The second time he was curled up in the blanket and got out but didn't go far. I removed the carrier. Last time I couldn't find him and couldn't figure out how he got out. Then I found him hiding behind the blanket. That's the photo. I've given him some tuna and some chicken but he hadn't eaten anything the last time I looked. Doesn't look happy, does he?
Meanwhile PuddyTat is happily snoozing on her heating pad. I finally turned it off awhile ago as the temp won't go below 30. Teens are forecast for midweek so she will need it then.
I doubled Tim's foam over and he figured out how to get between the layers. Didn't get a photo tho.

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