Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friday cat blogging on Wednesday

Little One is still coughing and his eye is still awful but he is eating today. Here a little chicken has made strange companions. Normally Tim hisses at Little One. I'm always amazed that the cats will eat with each other but not tolerate each other otherwise. I'm hoping she and PuddyTat will be friendlier with him once he is neutered.

The plastic below them has caused a problem for Little One. Since he was tiny he would stand on the middle level, reach up and hoist himself onto the roof where they are eating. The new plastic which should keep at least some of the coming snow off that shelf prevents him from doing that. He will have to learn to jump like the others. Poor kid.

Little One is funny. This morning he was in the blanket where he was supposedly locked in. He has no fear or a poor memory. There is a big dog that comes around occasionally and eats the catfood but wanders home when I tell him to. He doesn't chase the cats so he didn't scare Little One who just sat and watched. While I was taping, stapling and cutting plastic, he hung around wanting attention. He seems to have forgotten or forgiven me for taking him to the vet. I've never seen a cat so desperate for attention. He is a cutie.


forsythia said...

I'm not a cat, but I am desperate for attention and sympathy. Please visit my blog SOON.

forsythia said...

I didn't mean to make light of the little guy's suffering, but please visit and dole out some sympathy. I'm not really "feline fine" at the moment. Thanks.oura