Friday, December 11, 2009

The latest iPhone saga

Tuesday was a miserable driving night. The rain, the 34° temperature and lots of traffic made my weekly drive home from Pittsburgh more scary than usual. When I got to Mercer, I thought I'd check the weather. I couldn't find my iPhone. It wasn't in any pocket. It wasn't on the dashboard where I usually put it. It wasn't on the other seat. ARGH!!! It wasn't in my backpack. It wasn't in the car anywhere.

Wednesday morning I called Rodef Shalom. The lovely woman who answered the phone took a flashlight and looked for my phone. She couldn't find it. If it turned up she would call me.

I checked MobileMe but had no idea what the password to try to locate the phone was. Ugh. Would have to take care of that next time.

Yesterday I decided to drive to Pittsburgh and check up on it in person. Perhaps it was still lying on the parking lot. I had a difficult time getting thru Greenville with school buses and amazingly stupid drivers. At one point I asked Godde if I were not supposed to go and roadblocks were being placed in my way. But I realized that, for a change, I was calm about the delays. Normally I would be irritated and restless. I asked for another sign that I wasn't supposed to go and nothing happened so I continued.

There were no broken pieces of a phone in the parking lot. I thought about going in but knew she would call if they found it. Drove off to find a place for breakfast as I hadn't even had coffee. Stopped at Bob Evans which has free wifi. Had a wonderful waitress who kept my cup filled.

Felt compelled to return to Rodef and went back. Gracious lady said the cleaning people had looked carefully and found nothing. They even moved the seats in case it was stuck. She asked if I wanted to look myself. I said I trusted them. She INSISTED so I went and looked where I'd sat.

AND THERE IT WAS. Hallelujah.

I had put it on the arm of the seat to look for water bottles which had escaped on the inclined floor. Apparently I hit it and it fell. It was carefully tho almost invisibly balanced on the mechanism between the seats. The wonderful lady gave me a big hug as everyone seemed to rejoice including the maintenance man. Really nice folks at Rodef Shalom!!!

And thanks to my guardian angel, the Holy Spirit, Godde and all the hosts of heaven who take such amazing care of me. This is yet another example of why my faith is so strong and I try to listen. If only I were better at it!


Padre Mickey said...

Perhaps you should pin it to your blouse from now on.

PseudoPiskie said...

A string like we used to have our mittens on?

susan s. said...

I'm so glad you went back and found it. It might have been smashed to bits by the time you would normally go back.

PseudoPiskie said...

Actually it was quite safe where it was. It was balanced between the two seat mechanisms. I have had it fall down there before so I knew where to look but didn't think to tell the lady when I called. I'm glad I went back too. Sometimes I listen to the urging of the HS...

whiteycat said...

Glad this story had a happy ending.

KB said...

WHEW!! Glad for you!! Was wondering after Amy's email!