Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nice but why?

Virginia Theological Seminary is awarding honorary doctorates to 5 people including our bishop Sean Rowe. It's nice that Bishop Sean will be honored with the Doctor in Divinity, honoris causa, degree but I'm curious to know why he was chosen. The article in ELO doesn't say. Do VTS grads automatically get doctorates when they become bishops?


Caminante said...

Yes, it is customary for seminaries to award automatically honourary degrees to grads now bishops. General gave one to Jack Iker even.

Elizabeth Kaeton said...

Well, it's a political necessity - esp. if the seminary wants to encourage the new bishop to send his/her postulants for seminary education

PseudoPiskie said...

What does it say about the seminary if an alum bishop needs an honorary degree to recommend it to his parishioners?