Thursday, October 2, 2008

Some favorite photos

We walked up and down this hill many times between the hostel and town. The foggy greyness was with us for most of the first week.
Mondsee countryside.
The Basilica at Mondsee. St Michael is the patron.
A funeral procession.
Box lunch sandwich made us laugh.
A tunnel on the road to Eagle's Nest.
The canal which brings water to Salzburg.
The Mondsee basilica at night.
Mallards and a duck with lovely tail feathers in a pond in front of one of the numerous palaces.
Across the Danube.

Folks in photo teased me about the computer store.

From one country to another across the Danube.
Parliament in Budapest.
Chain Bridge in Budapest.

Now it is time to put Austria behind me and get on with life. sniff.

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