Thursday, October 2, 2008


These are some of the photos of people I took. The first is waltzing on the sightseeing boat on Lake Mondsee. Note the camera waiting. When asked what she does with her photos, she said nothing. Pretty much true for lots of us. But I did find my Vienna roomie in one of my Vancouver photos. We didn't even know we were there together in June.
Two new friends.Water bridge at Hellbrun Castle.
Listening to the tour guide. We clumped like this often. Lovely weather we had. Ugh.
My first week roommate and I at Eagle's Nest.
Illinois friends and more at Eagles Nest.
Waiting, waiting, waiting. In this case for rehearsal to begin. At least we could sit down.
Our conductor.
A common sight as we all poured over maps of Vienna and Budapest constantly.
Ducky travels everywhere.
This ice cream cone was gorgeous. Petals like a flower.
Gals at a mountaintop stop for a view of the Danube.
More folks at that stop with the Danube in the background.
The retired teachers who included me in their group. My 2nd week roomie on the left.
There was a mirror above us.And more photo takers.

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