Saturday, October 4, 2008

Some church photos

I took many photos of churches and have friends who are interested so here are some of them. Not all are gorgeous quality. I do not have a fancy Nikon with interchangeable lenses - only a little pocket Sony point and shoot. I've posted links previously as well as some other photos here and here and here.

This is the organ in the Basilica at Mondsee. It was used for our concert.
There are four corner organs in the Salzburger Dom. We were sandwiched between two of them in the transcept to the left of the altar.

This is the dome on the Salzburger Dom.
This is a limited view of St. Peters in Vienna.
This is the ornate altar. Some of us grew tired of all the clutter, gold, and fussiness of the baroque churches we saw.
This is the organ loft we were crammed into for mass.
This is St Stephen's in Vienna.
St Stephens's organ.
St Stephen's tile roof.
St Stephen's steeple is being repaired.
Dohany Synagogue in Budapest. I didn't go into this choosing to visit St Stephens instead.
St Stephen's Basilica in Budapest.
The basilica dome.
The basilica organ.
Esztergom Basilica near Budapest.
Inside Esztergom.
Esztergom's organ
St Mathias above Budapest. I didn't go inside.
I went for a walk by myself.
And found this church.
It is Lutheran.*
And had a most satisfactory inside.
*If you are tempted to smile, don't. He was an unknown pedestrian.


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Oh dear. I think you've been spammed. Lovely pictures. Glad you had a great time.

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