Thursday, December 4, 2008

Dude's digs

Dude has been hanging out under the old lexan cathouse cover which leans against the shed. When I threw out the old recliner, I put the seat cushion under the plastic in case one of the cats wanted to use it. During the last storm, the snow blew in under the cover and covered the cushion so Dude couldn't stay there. I assumed it was wet and moldy now but I couldn't feel dampness when Dude came out to be petted. Lo and behold it is dry. Taking advantage of a warmish day yesterday, I braced some leftover drywall against both ends and taped some plastic over the end where the cushion is. I need to do the other end but it will have to wait till the next warmish day when I have more plastic. I like to use transparent shower curtains but I can't always find them. The cats like to be able to see out as they feel less threatened that way. Remember that they are feral, more or less.

If you look carefully, you can see Dudie on his cushion as seen from the "far" end of his little shelter. The "weeds" are mostly wild rose bushes.
I'm glad I don't have fussy neighbors as much around my house is similarly peculiar and makeshift.

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