Thursday, December 4, 2008

Use the correct language

I have CNBC on during the daytime. Today I listened to plans the Big 3 US auto manufacturers have to try to survive in the collapsing economy. I want to change the language used to describe a certain aspect of corporate belt-tightening.

Every day we hear about more "jobs" being eliminated, new unemployment claims filed, plants closed, etc. Somebody needs to put it bluntly. Such and such company just eliminated the incomes of 20,000 people. So and so corporation will send 10,000 men and women to the unemployment offices which will be unable to find work for them. Enterprise X is closing businesses which will result in an estimated 100,000 people being without money for their families thanks to the ripple effect.

The recession/depression is personal. We need to encourage or try to force the media to make the economy personal. It affects persons, real people. Lost work often means lost insurance, lost pensions, lost savings, lately lost homes, all too frequently lost families. Perhaps by bringing reality into the picture, our government and employers will realize that those figures aren't just numbers. They are people. Real humans who can no longer support the economy and will require support from the people who are lucky enough to still have an income.

I'm not holding my breath. For a nation that many claim is "Christian" I don' t see much evidence of Jesus. Wonder what they mean by "Christian".

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