Saturday, January 3, 2009

Controversial wonderments

The Episcopal parish I attend, (yes, I'm still Lutheran until our bishop comes to visit whenever) is part of the Episcopal Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania. According to the diocesan website we have 23 parishes and 11 organized missions. Several of those including ours are without clergy.

The Diocese of Pittsburgh, immediately to our south, has 22 parishes so far. I know there are clergy who have decided to stay with TEC who might be able to help NWPA with the clergy shortage. From Pittsburgh to Meadville is about 2 hours, far less than distances in the Dio of Wyoming, for example. We need supply priests. I wonder if Pittsburgh has any available?

We have a bishop who is working hard to try to get control of the many issues which plague our diocese. The Dio of Pgh has a provisional bishop. Once upon a time we were together. I wonder if there are benefits to be one again?

PS The Dio of NWPA banner is one of 10 that members of the parish have donated.

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