Thursday, January 1, 2009


There are several adventures I hope happen in 2009.

A few high school classmates have planned a get together in Florida the end of February. I'm planning to be there and hope to visit a number of friends on the way.

Sometime soon I hope the bishop of our TEC diocese will visit Christ Church and receive me. I'm praying it isn't 1 March as I will be in Florida. If he chooses that date, I'll be unchurched for a long time. Not that God cares.

In late June I've registered to go to Montreal to sing Mendelssohn's Paulus with the Berkshire Choral Festival. I've also applied to sing in Sheffield in July but don't know if I'll get accepted. Or if I can afford both.

There are concerts to sing, people to meet, blogs to read, miles to go and much, much more.

Hope you have people to hug and hug you back.

What are your plans, hopes and prayers for 2009?

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Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I think I might ask to be received in TEC this year too. I've been reluctant to make the step because it will make the fourth time I've done the official membership process (different churches, long story), but I'm thinking maybe it's time. Still dithering a bit though.

Happy new year.