Sunday, November 16, 2014

Church Visitations

St Paul's Episcopal Church, Mayville, NY
Trinity Memorial Episcopal Church, Warren, PA
Memorial Church of Our Father, Foxburg, PA
St John's Episcopal Church, Sharon, PA - Revisit
St Richard's Episcopal Church, Winter Park, FL
St George Episcopal Church, The Villages, FL - photos only
St Paul's Episcopal Church, Mt Lebanon, PA
St James Episcopal Church, Titusville, PA
St Peter's Episcopal Church III, Westfield, NY
St Mark's Episcopal Church, Erie PA
St John's Episcopal Church, Youngstown, OH
St John's Episcopal Church, Sharon, PA
Christ Church, Warren, OH
St Paul's Episcopal Church, Medina, OH
St James Episcopal Church, Painesville, OH
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Corry, PA
St Mary's Episcopal Church II, Lawrence Park (Erie) , PA
The Episcopal Cathedral of St Paul, Erie, PA
Christ Church, Oil City, PA
St David's Episcopal Church, Cranbury, NJ
St Peter's Episcopal Church, Waterford, PA
St Stephen's Episcopal Church, Fairview, PA
St Peter's Episcopal Church II, Westfield, NY
St John's Episcopal Church, Franklin, PA
Grace Church, Ridgway, PA
St Mary's Episcopal Church I, Lawrence Park (Erie), PA
Episcopal Church of the Epiphany, Grove, City, PA
St Augustine of Canterbury, Edinboro, PA
St Luke's Episcopal Church, Jamestown, NY


Kirin said...

I am so enjoying your observations, photos, and comments, Shelley! Are you familiar with the website Ship of Fools?

Are you thinking of finding a parish to join or to be a more frequent visitor? Or are the ones you like too far away for that?


PseudoPiskie said...

Yes I'm aware of SoF. I have found a default parish. It is 50 minutes away in good weather. Some of the others are farther - as far as 2:30. Our diocese doesn't have many churches and many are at least half an hour from another Episcopal church. I have no interest in the one closest to me. The people are great but the setup is not good. They don't have a "regular" priest but rotating clergy. And they are not a happy parish for a variety of reasons.