Sunday, October 18, 2015

18 October 2015 evening

I have so much to learn! After the machine my calf was sore - muscle soreness - and tense. So when the nurse asked my pain level and I said 4 or 5 she got all worried about a blood clot and went to get help. Fortunately in the 15 or so minutes it took for someone to come and look, the knot in my calf went away. Apparently it was a cramp which is quite ordinary for my legs and feet. It seems I have to be in serious trouble before they will give me 2 pills as the therapists think I should have. Another thing to mention when I call the doc tomorrow. I was warned by Edgewood to call them if I have anything unusual happen because MMC will throw me in the ER and we'll have all sorts of other problems.

So I finished my lettuce salad bit by bit while on auto-exercise. I had saved graham crackers from lunch and milk from supper too so I've been munching all evening. I also have some ginger ale from this afternoon. Come tomorrow I suppose everything will change as we go on a "normal" schedule. I'm enjoying the vacation from dishes and choosing what to nuke from the large selection of stuff in the freezer. I just circle what appeals to me and it appears the next day as if by magic.

BUT I don't enjoy the politics. The therapists don't want me to have any pain that will interfere with their work. One pill every four or five hours wasn't adequate so they told me to take two. Getting the nursing staff to give me two is almost impossible obviously. If I say I have enough pain to warrant two they get all frantic. For the life of me I don't understand what is so great about Percocet or plain Oxycodone. They dull the physical pain but they certainly don't seem to affect my mood. Why anyone would jeopardize life and/or freedom to get the drug escapes me.

Meanwhile sad that the Cubbies lost. Tonight doesn't look any better. Baseball should be over by 1 October at the latest. Having football, baseball and hockey going at the same time is financially wise? Actually having separate facilities for football and baseball is a massive boondoggle usually at the taxpayers' expense. The leagues are playthings for their owners. Taxpayers shouldn't be buying toys for the people who can afford them otherwise.

There is a man on the corridor who has been coughing loudly for 15 minutes. First patient I've heard. Hope they can take care of him. I haven't gotten a roomie yet. The bed runs regularly even tho there doesn't seem to be anyone in it. Haven't noticed a ghost either. Doesn't bother me but seems a waste.

I miss Tim snuggling next to me on the couch.

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