Monday, October 19, 2015

19 October 2015

Happy Birthday, Ginny in North East.

Up and on the machine a little after 5 am. I wish I slept this well at home. But then, maybe I would if I could shut my head off. Getting meds with the midnight gang is easy. They know what they are doing. And with the exception of Jenn who is off today, they are my favorites so far.

100° on the machine. 20 to go. One of the night gals said I'm to up it 5° every day. I'm doing it every session because that's what I understood from Edgewood. At my rate, the max will be reached tomorrow. From here I think the swelling is keeping me from much improvement. There now are outlines of a knee visible. The colors don't seem to be in any hurry to disappear however. It's hard to keep ice on it.

I have to call and cancel one of my two Anderson appointments today. I'll find out about the new knee. I'm curious to know what it is and how heavy it is.

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