Monday, October 19, 2015

19 October 2015 #2

Lunch is yummy today. Fruit and cottage cheese. I'll munch away on the salad all afternoon. They forgot the coffee tho.

The importance of keeping a regular regimen for meds is obvious today. My Percocet was an hour late. At least they gave me two. The attempt at therapy may have made it worse. I don't think there is much less pain two hours later than there was before. Frustrating for me and for the therapist. I seem to have at least as much pain now as I did several days ago. That is discouraging. Yet yesterday morning I had far less than now. I don't understand.

It doesn't matter if I'm trying to press the leg down or not. Lying with it extended hurts. The muscles on the back of my leg are being stretched and they hurt - both up and down. The muscles at the outside of the knee hurt. Everything about the knee hurts and makes me cry involuntarily eventually.

I did three steps today. No problem except whatever pain.

Jim is coming this afternoon and will take my laundry home with him. I think I'll ask for a gown to sleep in tonight. I don't expect him to walk it back this evening.

A dietitian came in earlier wondering why I was on a low carb, low fat diet. I explained that the diabetic diet had too many carbs. They will let me choose what I want to eat as my choices are at least as healthy as the prescribed.

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