Friday, October 23, 2015

23 October 2015 - part 2

Several people have told me I have the best view in the hospital. Only the night crew got to see the Halloween snow live. It was fun. Today has been gorgeous with a cloudless blue sky. The sun filtering thru the changing trees has been especially lovely. 

The chaplain stopped by today. She's sweet. 

Another woman visited this morning with, for me, odd questions. Among other stuff she said three words which I had to repeat. The words were sock, blue, and bed. I didn't say anything, just pulled my feet out from under the blanket. It took her several seconds to catch on.
I think the woman was evaluating my mental condition.

Once again I was in agony with gas pains. I skipped the morning therapy. Eventually I got a pill for gas which helped a little. Meanwhile I figured out that I could upend myself without hurting the new knee. That got everything moving. TBTG. I could power several days of the new London bus.

Bronnie stopped to deliver my laundry.

I still can't get my leg flat. Still 6°. Bend was 118° tho. We walked down to the chapel so she could see how well I handle carpet and single steps with the walker. I have permission to take 2 strolls per day without an escort. Yea. 

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