Friday, October 23, 2015

23 October 2015

No, I didn't vanish or move to the other side or croak. Tuesday was a zoo. Among phone calls, visitors, therapy, nurses, aides, meals, meds, the machine, etc. I was tugged in all directions. And I'm not sure what happened when so I'll leave this as it is, a compilation.

The highlight of the day, or night, was my elimination problem. Not. Monday night I was in absolute agony. A case of almost but not quite had me extremely uncomfortable - actually in great pain for several hours. Sitting or even lying was a literal p.i.t.a. Warm prune juice, some bubbly stuff from the doc on duty and lots of effort eventually remedied the situation resulting in a plugged toilet and flooding the next day. Wow. I'll spare the details but it was spectacular.

Trying to get my Percocet settled was a nuisance. I was arriving at therapy already in pain. Nurses were arguing with me and everyone else about the dosage and times. Lying about the pain level didn't work because it panicked the nurses. It and I were a mess. Finally the therapy people got together with the nurses and got it settled. Percocet certainly doesn't make life painless. Sometimes I wondered if it is helping at all. I'm unwilling to try without it. For now. I might be crazy but I don't think I'm stupid.

Meanwhile the therapy people decided I would go downstairs at 9, 11 and 1:30. So when could I do the hellbender for two hours? I settled that. 5 1/2 hours out of 24 wasn't that big a dent. Of course the machine doesn't bother me. I go to sleep.

Thursday was relatively quiet. After therapy they decided I should stay a few days longer. I still can't get my leg to lie flat without intense pain. Not surprising to me since I have been babying it for a year or more, especially since July. I will go directly to Dr Anderson to get the staples removed then, assuming all is well, home. I can't say I was disappointed. I would rather be in their care as long as necessary. Besides the food is good and friends visit.

Bronnie was here when I got the news and took my laundry home. Jim B visited for awhile. Jim D brought me some cider in the evening. I kept falling asleep on my visitors. They really aren't boring. I just can't stay awake very long. When I wake up for meds at 3 am I have no trouble going back to sleep.

Meanwhile I've modified my eating. I don't need a full meal three times a day when I'm mostly just lying around. The choices are tempting but cereal for breakfast and soup for lunch are more than adequate.

And then there is the toilet paper. Just getting a new roll started takes enough for a couple of wipes. Strings of tp really don't do the job. If you don't get enough, you might poke a finger thru the wet paper. Icky! Apparently everyone complains. I can't see the economy in cheap toilet paper. What should take a half dozen or so sheets often requires many times that. Is cheap paper really 60-80% less than good paper?

So on to the day. Apparently Friday is team spirit day. Lots of Steeler stuff.

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